Orange County in History and arts

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Orange Hall
Orange Hall Gallery
Ferenc Morvai
Frank Morvai cutting his cheese cake.
Celtic Cross Quilt
Celtic Cross Quilt
Mary Mugele Sealfon
Mary Mugele Sealfon with her pastel.
Anne Kelly
Anne Kelly
Fannie Copeland "Portrait of her father"
Marie Liu
Marie Liu "Mural at Middletown City Hall"
More Quilts
Joan Ross
Watercolor by Joan Ross
Landscape Quilt
Landscape Quilt
Winnie O'dougherty
Watercolor by Winnie O'Dougherty
Lana Privetera
Watercolor by Lana Privetera
Carol Galietta
Carol Galietta "view of the Delaware River"
Mathilda Grech
Watercolor by Mathilda Grech
Bridgit Herbst
Bridgit Herbst

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