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      Links to Art Supply Sources

John Pike Products.   His palettes are still the most popular for watercolor artists.   To learn more about John Pike visit this Web Site.

Dick Blick Art MaterialsDick Blick's is a favorite source of art supplies.   They give prompt and reliable service.

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff is a good place to get watercolor supplies.   His catalog is full of humorous comments, pictures, books, and lists of workshops, in addition to paper and paint.   It is worth getting for the fun of reading it.

North Light Book Shop has great DVD offers and excellent instruction books.

The Londondisplay CompanyThe London Display Company Exhibition Displays, Portable Stands.

Photo frames - Do you keep photographs shut in a drawer to keep them away from the touch of dirt and dust? Consider photo frames as a must have to display the photographs beyond the influence of dirt. Some specific frames defy the impact of dirt on your colorful pictures.

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